Presentation and history

The Cascais Office was founded by Vasco and Maria Fernanda Soares da Veiga in April 1986, maintaining the family tradition as lawyers. Initially it was situated at Avenida Marginal, in Cascais’ downtown.  

Vasco Soares da Veiga completed his training period in the office of Francisco Bahia dos Santos, in Lisbon, with whom he worked during his first years of professional activity, in cooperation with British lawyers. Maria Fernanda Soares da Veiga, on the other hand, completed her training period and initial activity with Vasco Soares da Veiga (senior), in the old family office in Lisbon.

Soon the first Cascais office proved small for the growth that progressively took place. So, on the 28th October 1999, Vasco and Maria Fernanda bought the present building, situated at Avenida Emidio Navarro no. 81. Placed in the historic zone of the Cascais town, the building is the work of architect Filipe Nobre de Figueiredo and dated 1945, having been drawn and decorated with tiles of the Sant’Ana factory in accordance to the Portuguese tradition. This avenue was considered the best zone by the sea, by magazine “Sábado” of 9-15.3.2006.

Pursuing the experience created since the early years of professional activity, the office holds an international profile, also due to the fact that a substantial part of its clients is foreign. To this effect the office relies also on the value of its members and collaborators who are skilled in different areas of Law and fluent in several languages. The environment of the counties of Cascais – Sintra –Oeiras, considered the most elegant surroundings of Lisbon, fits perfectly into that purpose, as the atmosphere is very cosmopolitan and people like the place where they live. The office is proud to have built up a reputation and created strong bonds of trust that attract clients, from traditional families to national and foreign investors.


Mission, Vision and Values

The Cascais office, despite having started with the family tradition of its founders, now involves all its members and collaborators in a very active way.

It requires the strictest respect for the rules of conduct that govern the profession and a high ethical standing, which determine its professional behaviour and human contact.

The internal culture of the office is centered on being present with the clients, wisely advising them, ensuring their permanent representation, and searching the best solutions for solving their matters, being close and trustworthy.

In order to achieve excellence in the rendering of services, and considering the constant economic and social changes, that imply legal changes, the office supports the continuous updating and studying of its members.

The office wishes that its clients, either individuals or companies, know that they have a loyal ally to whom they can reach whenever necessary.

Environmental concern

The ambition of the Cascais office, in this respect, is to reduce the environmental impact caused by its activity. Although it is not particularly polluting, the office aims at reducing the  residue produced by its activity, of which paper is of the highest importance, as well as its spending of energy. The office main goal is to search daily for solutions to reduce its “ecological footprint”, thus responding to the great challenge we all face of climatic changes. 

Adopted measures: recycling paper to the ecobin; printing pages front and back; submitting legal applications through the internet and therefore avoiding paper printing; archiving digitalized documents; replacing ordinary bulbs by energy saving lamps; replacing the automatic watering in the garden by manual watering; keeping a surrounding garden, that makes the atmosphere more welcoming, rather than enlarging the internal parking area; reusing CDs already used in other files (digital copies of proceedings); acceding to data basis of the Attorney General’s office, or the Bar Association, among others, instead of constantly purchasing new editions of legislation (with the corresponding use of tree cellulose); gathering old batteries (wireless mouse and keyboard) and putting them in the recycling bin.

The office knows that there is still a long way to go to improve the environmental behaviour. Therefore more measures must be adopted, as all members intend to contribute to a better world. It is through small gestures that each one of us can help contribute to make our environment more sustainable. 

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